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Sparta : how to optimize the Persian positions?

sparta, comment optimiser les positions perses

Before attempting to conquer Persian Positions, listen to this caveat: some might offer nothing but destruction, with heavy losses, but you will still gain Experience Points. As a fighter, you must carefully determine what your goals are and how strong you are before entering into battle on Persian Positions. Above all, do not be ineffective and keep your Units permanently.

Remember that some Quests will not offer rewards even if you complete them. But the Persian Positions that you get rid of, and those that do not offer rewards, will count towards your subsequent gain in SWOE. Remember that every time a win is skipped, the probability of receiving a bonus the next time increases sharply. This means that it pays to keep playing!

Using my calculator you will be able to optimize your losses and therefore your gains.



The efficiency calculator

This small application will allow better management of the power to be sent to a Persian position to limit losses

How does it work ?

The offensive position

The principle is quite simple, to begin with it is necessary to send a light soldier of the "Swordsman" type to the Persian position, of course his attack will fail, but that will be of service to us, because we are going to have a report which will inform us of the Persian forces which this are on this position.

Sparta calculateur d'efficacité

In this example we have sent a "Swordsman" to a level 56 Persian position.
The report shows the details of the Persian forces awaiting us in this position.
The purpose of the calculator is therefore to allow us to calculate the best way to attack this position.

Defensive positions

The principle is identical to the offensive positions except that we send a "Javelin" to retrieve a report.

Sparta, calculateur d'efficacité

Calculator configuration

Before using the calculator it is necessary to take a few minutes (not long) to configure it.
It is necessary to configure the offensive and defensive power of your units.

Sparta , calculateur d'efficacité des positions perses

Click on the "Save" button
Give a name to your backup, for example the name of your city.
You therefore have the possibility of saving several files according to your cities, very used for multi-account players.

The application is composed of a small exe file and .scc files which will store the information of the powers of your units in your cities


Start the efficiency calculation on offensive positions

All you have to do is fill in the form in the "Off Calc" tab with the data sent back to us by our "brave and suicidal" little Swordsman.
Or in our example: (1684 -1) Asvaran, 336 Dailamite, 31 Persian and 164 Immortal

Sparta, calculateur d'efficacité

All we have to do is click on the validate button to view the result.

Sparta, calculateur d'efficacité

As the calculator shows, the best is to attack the weaker position, in our case, it is the 31 Persians that we should attack.
For this you will have to send 281 Spartan Hoplites or 360 Myrmidons, but if you do not have the necessary manpower to optimize your attack you can send 139 Spartan Promachos or 174 Sarissophores, as you can see send 205 Agema Cavaliers or 232 Cavaliers Macedonians would be a big mistake!
You can start "degreasing" this position with Promachos or Sarissophres, then finish it with Spartan Hoplites or Myrmidons.

Start the efficiency calculation on defensive positions

All you have to do is fill in the form on the "Def Calc" tab with the data that our "brave and suicidal" little Javelin has returned to us.
Either: 190 Asvaran, 145 Dailamite, 15 Persian and 72 Immortal

Sparta, caculateur d'efficacité

All we have to do is click on the validate button to view the result.

Sparta,calculateur d'efficacité

The purpose of the defensive positions is to put as much defensive power against the offensive powers sent by the Persians.
In our case, it takes at least 23,020 defensive power to counter the Persian attack.
We send 21 Mounted Peltasts + 73 Javelins + 2 Peltastes + 7 Trojan Thorakite

Download Calculator

You can download this little app here and unzip the rar file

Here it is very simple, this small application remains accessible even when you activate Sparta in full screen mode..